Seminars for School Leadership

BJE’s Center for Excellence in Day School Education, in partnership with school leadership and local and national organizations provides seminars that promote educational excellence, tools, and resources for schools to operate more efficiently and effectively and a network for the dissemination of “best practices.”   With BJE as their partner, schools have access to increased financial support from Jewish foundations, locally and nationally as well as to government resources available for the support of student learning and security. 




Consortium Services

Jewish day schools affiliated with BJE are eligible to join either BJE’s Legal Consortium and/or its IT Consortium.  

BJE’s Legal Consortium 

BJE engages the law firm of Liebert, Cassidy and Whitmore, a firm with expertise in education law, employment law, labor relations and training to work with Jewish day schools affiliated with BJE. For a modest fee, participating schools benefit from training seminars held throughout the year on legal topics relevant to day schools, receive a monthly newsletter with updates on changes in labor laws and have access to individual phone consultations.

BJE’s Human Resources Consortium 

BJE affiliated Jewish day schools participating in the Human Resources Consortium benefit from services rendered by Meskin Consulting, a human resources consulting firm with expertise in front-line support, implementation, training and project management.  For a modest fee, schools receive an evaluation of the school’s current HR practices and processes, on and off-site coaching service, training sessions and a quarterly newsletter. 

BJE’s IT Consortium 

BJE, in partnership with Stephen S. Wise Temple, received a two-year $75000 grant from AVI CHAI Foundation to create an IT Consortium of 10 day schools. Each consortium member school will receive an in depth IT assessment and subsequent recommendations to help craft a strategic IT plan with the goal of reducing overall IT costs by 10-15%. Through a combination of knowledge- and personnel-share, joint-purchasing, and inter-school collaboration, the consortium aims to leverage significant infrastructural and hardware upgrades on phone systems, back-end servers, cloud-based suites, etc.

Access Funding Opportunities

As with all Title funding, the dollars cannot go directly to the school, but BJE, as schools' valued partner, can contract with the district to provide remediation services for students falling behind (Title I), and/or for professional development and technology workshops and coaching (Title II).

For more information, please contact Miriam Prum Hess 323-761-8334