An Investment in BJE

boy with shabbat candles

An Investment in BJE connects Jewish families with the “right” Jewish educational opportunities for their child, enhances the quality of Jewish education in Los Angeles and increases families’ access to Jewish learning experiences through grants, scholarship resources and endowment development.

Listed below are examples of your dollars at work as we partner to strengthen Jewish education in Los Angeles:

BJE Impact:
Your dollars go directly to engage teens in Jewish Service Learning through a user-friendly website filled with service opportunities and Jewish wisdom, “hands on” learning experiences in BJE’s summer day camp - BJE Teen Service Corps, and program consultation services for schools, camps and youth groups. Teens’ Jewish identity become stronger as they connect social service with Jewish teaching.

Complementary Jewish Education 
Your dollars help launch innovative educational technology to engage learners in and beyond the classroom. BJE works directly with congregational religious schools and other educational providers to share best practices, and innovative program ideas so educators can foster student learning and nurture students’ Jewish connections, Jewish knowledge, and Jewish identity.

Day Schools
Your dollars support professional development for day school teachers and administrators in order to bring best practices to BJE affiliated schools. Professional development areas include: core academic subjects including Hebrew language, classroom management, differentiated instruction and 21st Century skills; as well as governance, finance, fundraising, legal and tax issues.

Early Childhood Education
Your dollars support community-wide professional development for early childhood educators so they can learn from experts in the field and share effective approaches with one another. The Early Childhood Directors Network meets throughout the year to engage in networking, professional sharing, and quality professional development. BJE’s support of early childhood educators helps them nurture Jewish connections, knowledge and identity for our youngest students.

Your dollars maintain an up-to-date, accessible website and personal consultation through BJE’s Concierges for Jewish education. This BJE’s platform helps families with children connect with the “right” Jewish educational opportunities for their family including early childhood programs, day schools, complementary Jewish education, holiday recipes and activities, coupons for local Jewish events and more. 

March of the Living
Your dollars cover trip costs for some participating Survivors, the Jewish historians/educators that bring depth and meaning to the trip, and help make the trip more affordable to participating teens. Prior participants have called this “a life-transforming journey to Poland and Israel that fosters an enduring attachment to Judaism and Israel.”

For more information on how your support will make a difference contact Miriam Prum Hess at (323) 761-8334 or to make a gift today click here.